Target groups

The EMINTE scholarships are aimed at three so-called target groups (TG). Identify which target group you belong to before applying, and note that NOT all mobility types are available within all target groups.

Note: If you have resided or carried out your main activity (studies, work, etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in a EU/EEA country you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship (with the exception of target group 3 and staff applicants).

Target group 1
Indian nationals registered at one of the Indian partner universities at the time of application. Undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of studies at a higher education institution at the time of application, not necessarily from one of the Indian partner universities.

Open to: undergraduate, master, PhD, post-doctorate and staff applicants

Target group 2
Indian nationals who are registered at a higher education institution NOT included in the EMINTE partnership or who have obtained a university degree or equivalent in India. If you have obtained your degree from one of the Indian partner universities, but are not currently registered at any of those, you belong to target group 2.

Open to: master, PhD, post-doctorate and staff applicants

Target group 3
Indian nationals who are in particularly vulnerable situations, including scheduled casts/tribes (SC/ST), other backward classes (OBC/NC) and people with disabilities (PWD). A proof of the target group 3 status must be submitted with the application with some kind of official/certified document. Undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of studies in their home institution.

Open to: undergraduate, master and PhD applicants

Recommended proof for Target group 3 status:

SC-ST certificate
OBC-NC Certificate
Certificate PWD