Academic fields

Most of the EMINTE partner universities are comprehensive universities or specialized technical institutions. All universities are strong research universities and the partnership aims to cover all thematic fields.

Available fields of study 

Not all fields of study at each university are available to apply for within EMINTE. Only those marked with "info" are available to apply for. Note that PhD (exchange), post-doc and staff applicants may hand in an "open application" in other subjects than those available above to some of the partner universities, by using subject code 16.9 (Other Areas of Study) when applying for the university/subject of your choice. Doing so you need to submit a learning agreement/work plan describing what you intend to do and achieve during the mobility and a document from the university applied for, supporting the application. The document needs to provide the name and contact information to the contact person.

If you have any questions regarding the academic offers and specific requirements for courses/programmes, please contact the European partner university that you are interested in.