If you are nominated

The results of the application will be announced in April/May 2014. All notifications are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address registered in your application. You will have 10 days to respond on whether you accept the offer or not.

If you accept the nomination you will receive a scholarship letter and other useful information from the coordinating team. The scholarship letter has to be signed and sent back to the coordinating team before you are fully accepted as a scholarship holder of the EMINTE Scholarship Programme.

Your host university will also get in touch with you and inform you about the scholarship transfers, assist with visa issues, admission and housing etc.

For exchange students (not full degree)

If you have been nominated for an exchange period abroad you need to start to prepare a learning agreement already now. A learning agreement facilitates the recognition of your studies abroad and has to be set up between you, the hosting university and the home university. The learning agreement states what courses you are going to study, and how many credits you are going to earn. By signing this agreement your home university agrees to transfer the credits studied abroad to your degree at home. The learning agreement shall be signed and stamped by all parties before the mobility period starts. If there are any changes to the learning agreement afterwards, these must be communicated with your home university so they can accept the changes made. The changes shall be stated in the document ”changes to learning agreement” and must be signed by all parties. A learning agreement shall be issued to students on undergraduate, master, and PhD level. You can find an example of a learning agreement and a changes to learning agreement at the end of this page. 

For researchers and staff

All researchers and staff need to set up a work plan. A work plan is an agreement between the scholarship holder and the hosting university, and it aims at clarifying what kind of tasks you will perform during the mobility, period for example what kind of research you are going to do, how many lectures shall be taught, administrative work etc. The work plan shall be signed and stamped by all parties before the mobility period starts.You can find an example of a work plan at the end of this page.

Start and end date of mobility period

The mobility can start as soon as all practical issues have been arranged, and the dates will be decided together with your host university. The first mobilities are foreseen to start in August 2014.

All students have to start their mobility when the academic term starts during fall 2014. All scholarship holders need to start their mobilty at the latest by 31 December 2014. Only staff mobility can start later than this date. All mobility must be completed by 14 July 2017.


Example of a Learning agreement
Example of a Changes to learning agreement
Example of a Work plan